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Private medical services

In Sweden the majority are registered with their local GPs surgery however these are often privately owned and service levels and waiting times vary depending on your location. The price to see the doctor is often between 200 and 300 kroner. As a result many choose to use private doctors where there is little or no waiting time. At Wallberghälsan it costs 850 kroner for an appointment with the doctor. Swedens frikort (freecard) and högkostnadkort (highcost card) does not apply. All costs for referrals or prescription are included.

Medical certificates

Wallberghälsan issues medical certificates for life and pension insurance, overseas job placements, first-day sickness absence certification (förstadagsintyg), education, adoption, visas, seafaring medical certificate, medical certificate for travel cancellations, diving certificate and driver’s license. Call us or fill out the contact form to make an appointment.

For most medical certificates e.g adoption & driver’s license certificate, the costs is 1000 kroner inclusive of VAT in uncomplicated cases. The price of a certificate may vary depending on how complicated it is to compile the information required. Cost of any blodtests, x-ray examinations and vaccinations are additional. Contact us for more information.

Health check

Wallberghälsan’s health check will help you understand your overall general health, identify potential future health risks and provide you with practical medical advice. Furthermore we  will aim to improve your lifestyle in order to improve your quality of life.

Read more about our health check here.




In Sweden most of the population are vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. The ticks are prevalent in various locations around Sweden even in heavily populated areas such as Stockholm. Vaccination involves 3 vaccinations over 18 months and for adults costs 400 kroner per vaccination.

Read more about vaccinations here

Other private services

Allergy tests

Health Profile Evaluations (Condition test)

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