History of Wallberghälsan

Wallberghälsan occupational health services started in 2010 as a small part of Wallbergkliniken in Skärholmen Centre. Wallbergkliniken has been providing specialistcare in urology, general day surgery and endoscopic examinations (colonoscopy, gastroscopy) in southern Stockholm since 1989 and was founded by husband and wife – team Inger and Håkan Wallberg.

A construction business owner who visited the clinic asked if his company could take their annual health checks here in Skätholmen as he was tired of sending his staff to central Stockholm and the waste of travel time that it involved. This motivated the owners that there must be several businesses with the same problem. The business grew slowly but steadily over the next two years, until there simply was no longer enough room in the clinic for Wallberghälsan.

Since one of the main attractions to Wallberghälsan was ease of access from the E4 motorway, free parking, and superb underground and bus connections – so decided Inger & Hakan Wallberg to retain Wallberghälsan in Skarholmen. This also made practical sense as their doctors and nurses could help at each clinic if needed.

The more they learned about occupational health the more they understood the significant differences between healthcare in the clinic (operating on sick people) and the preventative healthcare at Wallberghälsan.

Equipped with years of experience in the healthcare sector in Stockholm and two years in occupational health, they appointed in early 2013 a new CEO and moved into new premises in Skärholmen. The aim was now clear: to become the leading privately owned occupational health provider in southern Stockholm. In order to achieve this goal and compete with the big players in the occupational health market, they would not only provide the best value for money in southern Stockholm, they would also deliver a more personalised service.

Wallberghälsan today

Now, over 10 years later, the operation has continued to evolve with a new, more competent, and stronger team, and two clinics (Sätra and Södermalm) in Stockholm.

Wallberghälsan now has over 500 affiliated companies regularly utilizing the services within corporate health care that are offered. To deliver the highest quality, we have a competent team in place, including occupational health physicians, general practitioners, nurses, ergonomists, and administrative staff. 

Why occupational health at Wallberghälsan:

Mark Twain once said, “The way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not”

We at Wallberghälsan disagree. We believe that one should enjoy life, eat good food, drink what you want and it is ok to lounge around on the couch sometimes. We believe that mental health is as important as physical health.

It is important to have fun in while keeping a good diet and exercise regime.

Our goal is to improve employees health and moral so that absenteeism is reduced and productivity increased. The strategy is to keep everything simple – we supply what you need, when you need it. We maintain a low cost base and collaborate with your personnel department / management. Above all, we can give you a first-class and affordable services with a focus on safety, health, wellness and rehabilitation.

We focus on factors that enhance the health of the individual, group and whole organization.

Employees physical and mental maintenance should be more important than the maintenance of machines. Your cars are serviced why not your employees?

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