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You as the employer has the main responsibility for health and safety in the workplace, furthermore in Sweden you are also required to ensure that health and safety practices are conducted systematically. We help hundreds of businesses in southern Stockholm and Södertälje to improve their physical and psychosocial work environment. Contact us at Wallberghälsan and we will give you the right tools to ensure you comply with Swedish health and safety regulations.

If you have more than nine employees you must have a health and safety manual with instructions in how to carry out health and safety checks, and document the results of such checks. If you do not have the relevant documentation, call Wallberghälsan today.

Wallberghälsan can provide:

Health & Safety advisors
An independent assessment of your health & safety policies and procudures
Support in the systematic
Inventories of health and safety work completed
Risk analysis and risk assessment
SAM (SystematiskArbetsMiljö) training
BAM (Bättre ArbetsMiljö) training
Health & Safety training

Systematic health & safety  is defined in the Swedish Work Environment Act as “the employer’s efforts to investigate, implement and monitor operations in such a way that illness and accidents at work are prevented and a satisfactory working environment is provided.”

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