Wallberghälsan offer the following ergonomic services in Stockholm:

Manual handling training
Risk analysis and risk assessmnet
Industrial ergonomics training
Office ergonomics training
Ergonomics lectures

Price: Ergonomics trainer: 1200 kr per hour or contact us for a quote.

What is ergonomics?

The word ergonomics means the science of adaptation of labor and the environment to human needs and circumstances. It is often about how the work environment should look technically and designed not tear on the human body unnecessarily, such as posture, working height, sound, lighting and climate but also how the body is used in a proper manner, such as pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying and posture.

An ergonomist attemts to see how things fit together to create a holistic view of the workplace. The goal is to create jobs that people can have longterm without giving them health problems.

Employers and employees must regularly examine the workplace together in order to identify risks. When studying ergonomic conditions in the workplace many things may have to be addressed simultaneously. Our ergonomist will assist in designing a good ergonomic workplace and help the employer ensure that their employees have the sufficient knowledge of posture, movements, and the technical equipment required as to avoid the overloading of joints and muscles.

Ergonomics is just as important for those who have an office job as whose who have a physically demanding job.

For poorly designed workplaces the costs of illness and rehabilitation to the employer can be high.

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