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  · Why should we have an occupational health provider?

To reduce absenteeism and associated costs while imporving productivity. We service the car once a year, should we not service ourselves?

· What industry needs occupational health providors?

All industries.

· How much does an contract with an Wallberghälsan cost?

500 SEK per year per employee, if your company has over 10 employees please contact us for a quote.

· What is cost of the various services Wallberghälsan provide?

This can depend of the type of contract you choose, however with a base contract an annual price list is issued with a fixed price per service, while others are charged per hour.

· How do I become a customer?

Contact us here on the website, email us at or call 08-121 301 80

· Have Wallberghälsan: doctors, nurses, health educators, psychologists, psychotherapists, drug and alcohol specialists, masseur/masseuse , chiropractors, and ergonomists?


. How does your health check compare with other occupational healthcare providers?

Our health check usually includes more medical tests and the customer has more time with our healthcare specialists. You can compare with other providers here: http: //www.hä

· Can our company have a health profile of all our employees?


· Can we get help with safety issues and risk assessments?


· Can we get a noise measurements carried out at our business?


· Do you offer help with stress management?


· Do you perform drug tests?


· Do you have reference clients we can contact?

Yes. Contact us for details.

· Do you have any sickness notification system?

Yes, through our partner Medhelp.

· Does the contact include and annual planning meeting?


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